Trapped Underwater by The Majestic Twelve

Behold this Trapped Underwater video by The Majestic Twelve. It had a very dark theme. I will bet in America no one will watch this video because everyone has Attention Deficit Disorder, but if any one of my readers is from the USA! then I suggest you pay attention. The video is slow on purpose. It is shot underwater on 35 mm film. The directors Thomas Lien and Joachim Solum are from Norway.

The music is good, sort of reminding me of the fast System Of A Down style meets 1980s New Wave and Punk. The music itself is not projecting about politics. The lyrics turn inward. They are about love and reality. And everything on the screen (except the lady who comes diving) is blue. There are many bubble in this video, and there is a dog swimming, and also people blending into the background also swimming.


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